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I have a low pressure hot water cylinder. Can I use Hansgrohe tapware?

No. Hansgrohe is designed and manufactured in Germany and will only work on equal high pressure systems. i.e. Mains pressure cylinders or continuous flow hot water heating units

How strong are wall-hung toilets? I am afraid it will fall off the wall.

EN European standards require wall-hung pans to be tested to withstand 400 kgs of force on the front edge. Our Keramag toilet pans are designed and manufactured in Germany and are extremely strong and durable.

I am reluctant to have an in-wall cistern because I may not be able to get spare parts in the future.

Geberit guarantee to carry replacement parts for a minimum of 25 years. They are the world’s most reliable cistern valves.

If I buy Hansgrohe online from Ebay or similar, will it work in New Zealand and will it covered by warranty?

Hansgrohe manufactures in different countries to suit local conditions and requirements. e.g. USA products are not compatible with NZ plumbing. Flow is supplied direct from Hansgrohe Schiltach, Germany with German product. We have a 15 year Australasia wide warranty.