Kitchen Taps

Dive into the world of premium craftsmanship with Auckland's leading luxury tapware collection. Every kitchen tap and sink mixer we offer is not just a fixture but a statement of elegance.


We present to you a curated range of kitchen taps and sink mixers that seamlessly blend avant-garde design with impeccable functionality. Hansgrohe stands as a beacon of excellence and innovation. Entrust your kitchen with the unmatched elegance and precision that only Hansgrohe, through Flow Plumbing Imports, can deliver.

Ranges Stocked

  • Focus M41
  • Talis M54
  • Zesis


Each Axor creation is more than just a fixture; it's a piece of art, conceived through collaborations with world-renowned designers. This illustrious brand, a visionary offshoot of Hansgrohe, continually pushes the boundaries of form and function. With Axor, every kitchen becomes a canvas, and every tap or mixer, a masterstroke. Choose Axor through Flow Plumbing Imports, and invite unparalleled elegance and avant-garde design into your New Zealand home.