Trips to Meola Reef dog park or Piha Beach are some of the best days out for your dog. But I’m sure you can’t help but think, ‘Those muddy paws!’. We get it, which is where the Hansgrohe Dogshower comes in. Finally, your dog can enjoy a Hansgrohe showering experience and feel cleaner than ever.

A showerhead specifically made for dogs

The unique spray disc shape is thoughtfully crafted to match your dog's body contours, while the ergonomic handle fits naturally in your hand, ensuring a pleasant bathing experience for both you and your fur baby. This dog showerhead features long, gentle silicone nozzles that massage your dog while effectively reaching deep into the undercoat to remove dirt and shampoo thoroughly.

With just a touch of the select button, you can easily switch between three spray modes, each carefully designed with your pet in mind. The gentle paw spray is perfect for those tricky spaces between paw pads. The targeted leg spray is excellent for removing stubborn dirt and shampoo, and for the tough spots, simply increase the water pressure with the Waterboost button.

The fur spray, with its 74+ stroking nozzles, ensures a thorough rinse, leaving your dog's coat shiny and clean.

Easy to connect to an existing shower hose

You don’t need a specialised dog bath and extra hose to give your pup a thorough clean. Simply connect the dog showerhead to an existing shower hose using your quick connect attachment, and you’re ready to go. This allows you to quickly alternate between your own showerhead and the dog showerhead in a matter of seconds.

Colours for your unique bathroom style

Available in four stylish finishes - black, white, pink, and blue - all colors are matte and non-reflective, so your dog won't get startled during bath time.

Easy to clean

Cleaning up after the bath is quick and easy, thanks to the innovative QuickClean technology. The brush-like silicone spray nozzles are a breeze to clean after each bath. Their flexibility and larger-than-typical diameter allow you to rub off any remaining dirt and soap residue effortlessly.

Recommended by dog groomers

We chatted with local mobile dog groomer Brandon, from 'Nubreed' to give us a review on the Hansgrohe Dogshower head; here’s what he had to say:

“Prior to finding out about this Hansgrohe Dog showerhead, I used a regular spray nozzle to clean all my client’s dogs. However, once I trialled this showerhead from Flow Plumbing Imports, I definitely noticed an easier dog-washing experience. The dogs seemed calmer, and it was nice to switch between different water pressures to get into all the nooks and crannies. It’s a professional grooming tool you can use in the comfort of your shower, and that’s a win in my books.”

Some of the DogShower specs

  • shower head size: 150 x 63 mm
  • spray type: fur spray, leg spray, paw spray
  • convenient spray selection via Select button
  • maximum flow rate at 3 bar: 7,6 l/min
  • function from: 5,7 l/min
  • operating pressure: min. 1 bar/max. 6 bar
  • minimum flow pressure: 1 bar
  • elongated, brush-like nozzles (1,5 cm) for thorough cleaning with massage effect
  • Water Boost: boost function to increase waterflow when needed
  • suitable for continous flow water heaters
  • connection dimension: DN15
  • rinseable screen seal
  • non-return valve

  • If you're interested in testing this product out for yourself, be sure to visit the Flow Plumbing showroom, you're welcome to visit us Monday-Friday or on weekends by appointment.