When choosing tapware, knowing where to begin can feel overwhelming, and there are many things to consider. At Flow, we’ve over 100 years of combined knowledge, so we know a thing or two about tapware. Here are five F’s to consider when deciding on tapware for your bathroom or kitchen project.


Taps can come in various finishes that will affect the overall look and feel of the space. Chrome is still the most popular finish for taps as it is durable and suits almost any colour scheme. Chrome taps are also easy to clean, so they won’t get tarnished or damaged easily. Hansgrohe and Axor also have PVD and powder coat finishes that allow you to add your personal touch.

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finished taps can offer a timeless sense of drama and elegance to a room. However, they tend to cost more and aren’t always available in every range of tapware. The complete range of colours available can be viewed at the Flow showroom, so be sure to see them yourself.

Black and white taps with the powder coat finish are also popular choices as they can be used in both modern and classic decors without clashing too much with other colours in the room.


The form of the tap can make a huge difference in capturing the essence and feel of the room. If you’re looking at creating a modern interior, you may want to consider a tap with bolder lines, square shapes, or something with a dynamic structure. On the other hand, a more classical feel may demand tapware with more rounded and elegant features.


This is another important element when it comes to choosing the right tapware. You should consider how you want to interact with it and who else may be using it. For simplicity and ease of use, a mixer could be perfect, especially for children or the elderly. The old days of having two taps in the basin are gone, and there are many newer options in its place. You can have electronic, select buttons, or the standard lever-operated basin taps.


Nowadays, taps often come with different features that can elevate the experience. With some Hansgrohe shower heads, you can have several different types of shower experiences. We have Pulsify, Raindance, and our personal favourite Rainfinity. Each is unique to Hansgrohe and can be experienced at our Flow showroom.


It’s important to consider the flow and pressure of your water too! In New Zealand, we use Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (or WELS) which is a rating system to determine the water efficiency of a certain tap. 6 stars is a highly water-efficient tap, and 1 star is the least. Most modern taps have water efficiency modes. For example, Hansgrohe has built-in eco features, which will save you water!

So there you have it! The five F’s to consider when choosing tapware for your home. Here at Flow, we take the time to understand your unique needs, so don’t hesitate and come to our showroom to view our wide range of high-quality tapware.