Rimless Toilets - The New Standard

The design of the toilet has remained unchanged for years, stagnant, waiting for something new. Keramag has seen this and bought the average toilet into the 21st century with their revolutionary rimfree design. The key advantage is in the design. Where there is no rim, no undesirable deposits can form making a much more hygienic and better-smelling toilet. This saves you from arduous cleaning and from using harsh cleaning chemicals.

A Greener Flush

While in development a goal for the finished product was to be as environmentally friendly as possible. To begin they targeted water consumption and got the flush down to a mere three litres. They then refined their patented flush guide, in place of a traditional rim, which channels water symmetrically around the bowl which ensures an even flush and no chance of soiling. As it is so efficient at cleaning itself you no longer have to use those infamously harsh and dangerous cleaning chemicals, which in turn means that said chemicals are no longer being released into the environment.

Keramag really have taken the toilet into tomorrow and their design is on track to becoming the future standard of toilet innovation and hygiene. Why not come in and witness our working example in the showroom for yourself?